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Tea with David Dionne

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Mike drinks tea with David Dionne. After working for nearly a decade in the energy sector, David decided it was time for drastic change. Searching for healthy ways to manage his mental health, he spent three months out in the Canadian Rockies camping and exploring and decided to share his love of the outdoors with others. David joined the Mission Overland Trailers team for three years before becoming an owner of the Alberta Outdoor Adventure Expo.

The theme of David’s story was learning about his love for the outdoors and how he went from working in the energy sector to pursuing his passions for a living. David shared how he developed the Yucca-Pac from a concept to manufacturing the product before sharing how he co-founded the Alberta Outdoor Adventure Expo. The event is known as a 2-day event to elevate, educate, and enhance the lives of outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. Other topics of conversation included mental health, entrepreneurship, travel, and overlanding. Share this episode with someone you know!

Wednesday August 9th, 2023
Tuesday May 16th, 2023