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On the show, Mike sits down with guests from around the world and discovers their stories.

Podcasters, Creative Artists and Entrepreneurs are amongst the many that have joined Mike in conversation, and shared their stories over a good cup of tea!

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Come watch the time I appeared on Tea with Gary Vaynerchuk. Having spent an extensive amount of time researching and crafting what I was going to say to Gary I settled on asking the question "What promotion tactics can I use to keep scaling my storytelling talk show?" Gary offered the advice of reaching out to others through Social Media direct messaging to help generate collaboration opportunities.

In this short time with Gary, I discovered our shared love for Tea and was struck by how genuine Gary is as a human being. Our time together ended with a moment that I will never forget when Gary agreed that I could meet him backstage at an upcoming event. Knowing I created this opportunity through consistency inspired me to keep building my talk show to provide value to others.

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