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Podcasters, Creative Artists and Entrepreneurs are amongst the many that have joined Mike in conversation, and shared their stories over a good cup of tea!

Tea with Noah Stauffer

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Mike drinks tea with Noah Stauffer. Noah was once an intern for Gary Vaynerchuk’s One37pm brand and has since started Arc Creative. Outside of work, Noah loves to play sports and spend time working out at the gym.

The theme of Noah’s story was learning about his childhood and how he first became interested in sports and graphic design. Noah shared some lessons learned and skills developed from interning at places such as Penn State Football and One37pm before sharing the founding story behind Arc Creative. Other topics of conversation included social media and a discussion of the pros and cons of having your business. Share this episode with someone interested in sports, social media, and graphic design.

Wednesday June 21st, 2023
Tuesday May 2nd, 2023