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Podcasters, Creative Artists and Entrepreneurs are amongst the many that have joined Mike in conversation, and shared their stories over a good cup of tea!

Tea with John Gutierrez

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Mike drinks tea with John Guiterrez. John is the owner of Whadafunk. Whadafunk is a clothing brand made in New York that sells internationally across the US, Canada, and countries like the Philippines. John does a live YouTube show, which has 1.47 K subscribers. John creates weekly content around his brand that you can see across the company's social media channels.

The theme of John's story was learning about his childhood and his interest in design. John shared how the story behind how Whadafunk came to be and his advice for someone looking to get into business and the design industry. John also gave insight into how he finds creative inspiration and revealed something people don't know about him. Share this episode with someone interested in design, business, nature, and content creation.

Tuesday April 11th, 2023
Wednesday February 8th, 2023