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The importance of going live on Social Media

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One way of creating Content and Collaboration opportunities is to go live with a Guest on Social Media. Going live is a fantastic way of allowing your audience to associate a Brand or an Account with a Face. Another benefit is you can get your Community actively involved by asking them to ask questions and comment on the discussion. I try to go live often as part of my Promotions Strategy for the Teawithmikeshow.

Here are five other reasons why you should go live on Social Media regularly:

  1. You can get instant feedback from your audience.

  2. You don't know who's watching. Your next Collaboration maybe someone who tuned into your stream.

  3. You get more eyeballs watching a stream live so it's a great way to expand your audience organically.

Working as a team in collaboration is far more powerful and effective than working alone

  1. You can keep it simple. No need to over-produce the stream from a production perspective. Grab a phone, make sure it's steady and away you go. Keep it simple.

  2. It's a great way to create unique content. Some of the most powerful content is content that is unplanned.

As you figure out your Brand Promotion Strategy, think of different creative ways to connect with your audience organically.

To be continued.

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