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My thoughts on going live with up to three other people on Instagram

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One challenge of Social Media is staying updated with the latest trends and new Social Media platforms. Recently, Instagram rolled out a series of changes to compete with other Social Media platforms. One change I'm excited about is the live streaming feature where you can now go live with up to three other people.

Having spent some time exploring this new feature, are my initial thoughts:

  1. With limited people using the feature so far, is a fantastic opportunity to be one of the first people to be known for using the new feature.

  2. Audience Reach. You can now have four people's audiences tuning in to the same conversation so what a great opportunity to create engagement and build a following faster.

  3. A opportunity to get creative and collaborate with multiple people at the same time.

Knowing this information above I asked myself the question How can this feature help the Teawithmikeshow?

  1. Collaboration opportunities. Having the ability to connect with three people and build three relationships at the same time is so powerful. The more often I go live the more I can Network and create new opportunities.

  2. This new feature got me thinking on ways I can create new types of content to provide value to my Audience. Stay tuned to my Instagram to see how I work this feature into my content.

To be continued.

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