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How will you use Twitter Spaces?

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Social Media is evolving and, 2021 has seen some new changes in the Social Media space including, the emergence of Clubhouse and exciting new features on platforms like Instagram emerging. One platform that has been quiet this year is Twitter. However, that is about to change with Twitter Spaces.

What are Twitter Spaces?

  1. Live spaces where Audio conversations happen.
  2. Space where up to 11 people can speak at once.
  3. People who don't follow you can join the spaces.
  4. Spaces can have unlimited listeners.
  5. You can invite people who already follow you to your Spaces.

When will I get on my Twitter Space?

Only time will tell but, the current word is Twitter will begin this roll out in April 2021.

How does the Teawithmikeshow plan to use Twitter Spaces?

  1. Building Community. An advantage of spaces is you already have an existing audience on the platform compared to Clubhouse, where you have to start from Zero.

  2. Collaboration opportunities. Having the ability to host spaces with guest speakers and supporting others in their Spaces means this feature will create some fantastic collaboration and networking opportunities.

One host with many speakers adding to the conversation

  1. Creating exclusive content. With the rumour that people will be able to subscribe to your spaces, it's an opportunity to create value for subscribers with exclusive content. An example would be recording a live Podcast in the Space which; subscribers can hear live.

  2. Being an early adopter. I will be spending time hosting Spaces to establish myself as someone who hosts a room that provides value and great conversation.

As you figure out your Brand Promotion Strategy, think of different creative ways to connect with your audience organically.

To be continued.

Wednesday March 24th, 2021
Tuesday March 9th, 2021

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