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Tea with Mitch Fraser

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Mike drinks tea with Mitch Fraser, a Film and TV Professional. As a Director of Photography, Gimbal Operator, Drone Pilot, and Remote Head Technician. Mitch has worked on shows such as Riverdale, Supergirl, Lost in Space, Nancy Drew, Heartland, Joe Pickett, Fraggle Rock, and Fargo. He has been a Director of Photography and Camera Operator for brands including Walmart Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart, CBC, and the Government of Canada. Mitch also runs his own company Airace Productions.

The theme of Mitch’s story was learning about how he got started in the film and tv industry. Mitch shared his story about how Airace Productions started and his advice about networking and money management for anyone looking to get started in the industry. Mitch also shared his hobbies and interests and some future projects coming up. Share this episode with someone interested in film, television, events, sports, and business.

Wednesday March 22nd, 2023
Tuesday January 24th, 2023