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Podcasters, Creative Artists and Entrepreneurs are amongst the many that have joined Mike in conversation, and shared their stories over a good cup of tea!

Tea with Gary Vaynerchuk

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Mike drinks tea with the CEO of VaynerMedia and VaynerSports, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and internet personality Gary Vaynerchuk.

The themes of the episode; were business dynamics and responsibilities that come with being a leader and an influencer. Gary spoke to his journey from childhood to how he applies kindness, empathy, and trust to everything he does. Gary also gave insight into developing a focused mindset regardless of feedback from others. Share this episode with people in your network as; we can all learn from Gary's advice. Oh, and stay tuned to the end to hear about Gary's favourite type of tea!

Saturday December 4th, 2021
Sunday November 14th, 2021