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Tea with Amber Roy

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Mike drinks tea with Amber Roy, an entrepreneur who has branded and built several businesses such as a wedding and event planning company, a trucking company, and a pet hotel. She is the founder of CTRL lab, a company that aims to empower entrepreneurs through digital delegation, and a sustainable living enthusiast who shares her journey to sustainable living through the modern; hippie project.

The theme of Amber's story was moving from Canada to Italy after a period of traveling the world backpacking. Amber spoke about her journey and how she discovered her passion for DIY, gardening, business, and sustainable living. Amber also shared the story behind renovating a 17th-century house and the cultural differences between living in Canada and Italy. Share this episode with someone who has a sense of adventure for new opportunities or someone who is looking for tips on living a more sustainable life.

Monday April 18th, 2022