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Reshad Oberlander


From a horse based Business aged 16 to hosting a Leadership Podcast

Joining me for this conversation was Leadership Coach and the host of The Weekly Leadership Experience Podcast Reshad Oberlander. The theme of the show was learning about the challenges and opportunities around the topic of Leadership. Reshad spoke to his journey from running a Business aged 16 to working in Management in a range of Retail environments. Reshad also spoke about how he got started in Podcasting and his future goals both personally and professionally. Watch this episode to understand why you should always stay true to who you are and why you should start today in pursuit of any goals you may have.

Great conversation about leadership
This was a really great conversation today about Reshad's life journey and what decisions put him on the path to be a leader. There are some really great points about what leadership is like and what the best and hardest part of being a leader is. I really appreciated the discussion around being true to yourself and doing what fulfills you and makes you happy.
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