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Jamie Pruden


From stepping out of the shadows to sharing a gift with the world

Joining me for this conversation was Artist, Comedian, Hypnotist, and Drawer Jamie Pruden. The theme of the show was about rejection and setbacks and how you can can over come them. Jamie spoke to his childhood including, how he got into Comedy, the great story of being thrown off the Yuk Yuk roster before pivoting to creating a Hypnosis show under the stage name Sebastian Steele . Finally, Jamie told us the story of how his Art helped him overcome the grief of losing his mother and through, the encouragement of other's led to his work going viral on Social Media and allowed for opportunities such as being featured in the Hollywood science Fiction and Hip Hop museums in Los Angles. Watch this episode for a dose of inspiration before going out and achieving your own goals.

Tea With Mike Review
I love the intro, you are so down to earth. Really enjoyed this episode, I will for sure be watching more!
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