Storytelling, Conversation, Community & Tea drinking. The time is now.

Genevieve Ray


From studying at Goldsmiths to turning Spoken Word Poetry into a passion

Joining me for this conversation was Playwright, Director, Business Owner, Career Coach, and Spoken Word Poetry enthusiast Genevieve Ray. The theme of the show was Collaboration, Networking, and understanding the creative process. Genevieve spoke to her journey from studying Drama at Goldsmiths to helping others find employment. Genevieve also spoke to being involved in two Theatre companies 4creativi and G&T Theatre Tricks too how Spoken Word Poetry has kept her creative juices flowing despite the Pandemic. Watch this episode to understand the importance of Community, Collaboration, and why you should always be open to learning opportunities.

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Such a great show
Such a great a show and the interviewer seems like such a natural. Such a joy to watch and listen to
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