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Deveno Caprice


From a community focused upbringing to sharing creativity with the world

Joining me for this conversation was the co-founder of Mialoveus Deveno Caprice. The theme of the show was expressing the importance that Education and Community can play in someone's journey. Deveno spoke to his childhood and Education that centered around Community and respect for others. Another part of Deveno's story was his love of Art, Spoken Word Poetry, and a personal tragedy led Deveno to co-found Mialoveus. Mialoveus is a "community all about providing a platform to acknowledge and promote artists" You should watch this episode if you want an example of how self-belief can get you anywhere in life regardless of life circumstances.

I woke up great therfore I know I'm gonna be ─úreat
Positive thinking and  faith. It does not matter what obsticles are in our way  once you believe  anything is possible. Deveno you rock.
Love is his focus
I really enjoyed listening to Deveno's interview on this episode. He is such a warm friendly guy, it's easy to be intrigued by his story. Humility is the core theme of what Deveno is about and he has found his success. It was a heart warming interview.
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