Storytelling, Conversation, Community & Tea drinking. The time is now.

Brandon Stone


Don't give up on your story

Joining me for this conversation was Brand Builder, Music, and Fashion lover with a passion for connecting with new people Brandon Stone. Brandon tells us the story of how he attempted suicide and how his perspective on life changed after this dark moment. The theme of the show was to pursue your dreams while building community and helping others on their journey. This episode teaches you to step out of your comfort zone, build relationships, and always be learning new things.

Why did you decide to ask about the music first, and not maybe confirm or ask if he wanted to explain a little bit about his past and or his suicide attempts. does not that unsettle you Mike... What honestly blows me away, is that he created a business that is not a business regarding suicide awareness or a non profit organization for good cause, but on the fact the he makes money or something through clothing based on what happened to him. Introduction is so off putting, I honestly cannot believe if he is actually being real about his suicides or if he is using that as a way to attract people. Please be more attention to detail especially when you are about story telling and  conversation. Thanks
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