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Show Reviews

  • I highly recommend watching Teawithmike. He is friendly, professional and always has the most interesting conversations with his guests. Looking forward to seeing more episodes. - Leah Hadder
  • Mike is so great! He does a great job promoting the talent he interviews! I recommend to anyone to connect kindly to Mike and see if he’d support you!!! Thank you again Mike you rock. -Jill Robinson
  • Had a great interview with Mike! I loved his questions, podcast concept and his passion. - Jeraud Norman
  • Considering Mike started this endeavour from scratch, and is self taught, I am impressed with how far he's taken his podcast. He is very professional and well-spoken. The concept of the show is unique and that's commendable in an age of recycled ideas. It was my pleasure to be a guest. Cheers Mike. - Josh Hall
  • What a wonderful interview. Stimulating questions from a serious professional. Teawithmike is going to go places with his skills for sure. I would recommend the show to any of my friends and family. - Morgan LeBlanc
  • We need more honest, open conversations in the world, and this show does just that! Genuine and full of heart. - Cody Bondarchuk
  • Great conversation, great flow, excellent questions. Mike has a calm and flowing style of interviewing. I very much enjoyed being a guest. - Niki Middleton

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