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Show Reviews

  • I highly recommend watching Teawithmike. He is friendly, professional and always has the most interesting conversations with his guests. Looking forward to seeing more episodes. - Leah Hadder
  • Mike is so great! He does a great job promoting the talent he interviews! I recommend to anyone to connect kindly to Mike and see if he’d support you!!! Thank you again Mike you rock. -Jill Robinson
  • Had a great interview with Mike! I loved his questions, podcast concept and his passion. - Jeraud Norman
  • Considering Mike started this endeavour from scratch, and is self taught, I am impressed with how far he's taken his podcast. He is very professional and well-spoken. The concept of the show is unique and that's commendable in an age of recycled ideas. It was my pleasure to be a guest. Cheers Mike. - Josh Hall
  • What a wonderful interview. Stimulating questions from a serious professional. Teawithmike is going to go places with his skills for sure. I would recommend the show to any of my friends and family. - Morgan LeBlanc
  • We need more honest, open conversations in the world, and this show does just that! Genuine and full of heart. - Cody Bondarchuk

Was really good man. Your very professional and come across brilliantly. I hope the show takes off for you it’s a really good idea with the collaborations too that’s important in any creative business I feel. I think it’s important to know aswell that as long as you put in what you wanna get out with a lot of hard work and determination you’ll see huge strides and as long as your consistent there’s no where you can’t go really
Great variety!
The website is easy to navigate through, from the page to each conversation.
Very easy listening with great conversations with a variety of guests
I only just started listening to this show over the last week, and it's not my go-to genre of Podcast, but I can honestly say that it has thoroughly intrigued me listening to so many peoples different stories. I have listened to several episodes and really like hearing the different backgrounds, upbringing and lives of so many different people.
Mike has a fantastic personality as the host of this show and a very natural, conversational manner to how he interacts with the guests. He asks some really great questions to pull on a thread that was revealed during the flow of the conversation and encourage the guests to go into more detail.
I really love all the tea facts, I am a lover of tea but I certainly don't know much about it so these little facts are very intriguing.
Great work Mike, keep up the good work!
Tea Facts Rock
Tea with Mike is a great podcast for people looking to learn about growing their brand or themselves.  There is a good balance of information and fun on Tea With Mike. You can tell he's genuine in helping people.
0 / 1000

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