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Show Reviews

  • I highly recommend watching Teawithmike. He is friendly, professional and always has the most interesting conversations with his guests. Looking forward to seeing more episodes. - Leah Hadder
  • Mike is so great! He does a great job promoting the talent he interviews! I recommend to anyone to connect kindly to Mike and see if he’d support you!!! Thank you again Mike you rock. -Jill Robinson
  • Had a great interview with Mike! I loved his questions, podcast concept and his passion. - Jeraud Norman
  • Considering Mike started this endeavour from scratch, and is self taught, I am impressed with how far he's taken his podcast. He is very professional and well-spoken. The concept of the show is unique and that's commendable in an age of recycled ideas. It was my pleasure to be a guest. Cheers Mike. - Josh Hall
  • What a wonderful interview. Stimulating questions from a serious professional. Teawithmike is going to go places with his skills for sure. I would recommend the show to any of my friends and family. - Morgan LeBlanc
  • We need more honest, open conversations in the world, and this show does just that! Genuine and full of heart. - Cody Bondarchuk
  • Great conversation, great flow, excellent questions. Mike has a calm and flowing style of interviewing. I very much enjoyed being a guest. - Niki Middleton

Barion McQueen
I feel like this interview was very informative and gave insight regarding the importance in marketing and networking in order to be successful in your field of expertise.
Mike is Wonderful
  "Love the drive Mike has to connect with his guests.  He approaches his interviews with his own sense of down to earthiness." Amber Shaun
Mike is genuine
What I like about the hand full I’ve been able to listen too, is the genuine questions he asks. He does an exceptional job as host.  Truthfully I don’t even think he knows he’s coming across as one because when he asks these questions he really cares to know about the people he has on. Highly highly recommend.
Tune in and learn.
One of Tea with Mike's greatest assets is the wide range of conversations and guests is one of the many great things about the show. You get a taste of their character, expertise and drive over a nice cup of tea and calm discussion.
0 / 1000