Storytelling, Conversation, Community & Tea drinking. The time is now.

Michael Johnson

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Michael Johnson is the holder of a Media and Professional Communications Diploma and a Theatre & Entertainment Production Diploma from Red Deer College, Alberta.

Michael is passionate about the brand and the digital world but knows the importance of keeping a balanced lifestyle. Away from Digital, Michael spends time playing board games (monopoly & scrabble), watching Manchester City Football Club play in the English Premier League & spending time with friends and family. With strong British roots, Michael's passion for tea and all things British is apparent in everything he does. A former Board member of the Red Deer Players Michael values the opportunity to give back whenever possible.

I loved your style of doing interviews. Storytelling plus tea talks equals perfection.
Beautiful Site and Engaging Interviews
I love your site. It's very crisp, professional, and welcoming. I also love how attentive you are during your interviews. You exude an excitement that catches my attention, and at the same time, your kind and sincere demeanor is very calming. This site is a joy to visit. Take care and keep up the great work!
Keep Calm & Drink Coffee
I liked a lot your show and your way of interviewing, easy but precise, respectful in leaving your guest free to express but focused at the same time.
I think your British style comes out and that's nice.
Best compliments!
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