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On the show, there is a segment where Teawithmike reads out a tea fact. Below are some of the freshest tea facts from the show.


"More than 1.42 million pounds in weight of tea are consumed in the USA every single day"


"Tea should be left for two minutes to brew but apparently 80 % of us just can't wait that long. "


"Mint tea isn't acutally a tea - it's an infusion"


"Placing teabags on your eyes can reduce swelling and puffiness. If you place two steeped tea bags on your eyes it can help reduce the dreadful dark circles, puffy red eyes and sooth your face"


"The leaves from the Raspberry plant can be steeped to produce a herbal tea"


"One pound of tea will brew approximately 200 cups (200 tea bags)"


"International tea day is December 15th celerbrated since 2005 in tea producing countires like India"


Fantastic videos of interesting interviews... awesome tea facts
Thank you Mike, I am loving your videos, they're so interesting! As an author, they really give me food for thought.  

As far as the tea facts go... if my tea isn't brewed for a minimum of 2 minutes, it's not strong enough!  I like my tea strong enough to 'put hairs on my chest'... my grandad's reference and one I live by :)

Looking forward to seeing your next video Mike.  Hoping one day I'll be "well-known" enough to be interviewed by Mike (***insert fingers crossed emoji here***)
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